A Two Towers Kind of School Day

The forecast in Mordor according to an iPhone: unflinchingly hot for the upcoming week

You know, the kind full of battle scenes. The good guys face hopeless odds. The women and children are crying. Only a wizard and group of mystical Ents can rescue the halflings from despair. “What can men do against such reckless evil?” “Ride out and meet them.” Let’s just say…

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Morning Time Breakdown

Breakfast table ready with coffee, fruit, and croissant. Only thing missing is a morning time binder and the kids.

Morning time: a liturgy, a marathon, a habit, a joyful family memory. There are a lot of ways to accurately describe what morning time is for us, and what I hope it will become in years to come. But this post is going to give you the nitty-gritty details on…

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Two Thoughts on Family Culture

If we think that by controlling all the possible variables, we’ll make sure our kids turn out in such-and-such a way, or that our family will be like the picture we hold in our mind’s eye, we’re fooling ourselves.

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Little Liturgies

Little Liturgies with church windows in the background

As we enter the season of Advent, those readers familiar with liturgical churches will recognize this season as one filled with ritual, ceremony, and memory. Part of the magic of attending worship during Advent is the addition of special rituals like lighting the candles on an advent wreath or singing…

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