Little Liturgies

Little Liturgies with church windows in the background

As we enter the season of Advent, those readers familiar with liturgical churches will recognize this season as one filled with ritual, ceremony, and memory. Part of the magic of attending worship during Advent is the addition of special rituals like lighting the candles on an advent wreath or singing…

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News Nov. 22-28

Number of homeschoolers in DC is increasing. Same thing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Radio Boston explores the growth here, in a fair interview which came out after this Boston Magazine article. The Boston magazine article asks a question which I think is interesting: More and more of Boston’s smartest…

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News, Nov. 15-21

Michigan considers the cost of homeschooling and socialization. Mom Judy Major spends $300-$1000 per student per year. Her school district misses about $7000 per student per year, but says homeschooling is a good option if it’s right for the student. Winners announced in an essay contest on “Why I am…

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