Homeschooling Resources

I’m always up for adding new, great resources to this page, so if you have one you’d like to share, send me an email and I’ll gladly check it out and post it for others to use.

Here are some of my favorite homeschooling resources:

logo_colorHSLDA – Home School Legal Defense Association.  I cannot recommend this organization enough.  Get yourself a membership now!  I’ve called them a couple of times with questions and they’re always super helpful.  They’re really a wealth of information.  Click on your state to find information, news, and resources on how to homeschool legally in your state.


Lit2Go – A service of the University of South Florida.  Classic audiobooks and stories for your iPod, for FREE.  Seriously, awesome, awesome resource.  You can find them on iTunes too.  And keep checking back; their content changes when new books become available.


untitled-100Circe Institute – Andrew Kern and his organization are really on the forefront of the classical education movement.  Circe recognizes our children’s humanity and works to cultivate them into virtuous persons instead of cookie-cut them into economic cogs like most of the education which surrounds us.  I particularly get a lot from their audio resources.


clacon-logo_0Classical Conversations – This family owned company produces some of the best resources for history and memory work I’ve seen.  They have local CC communities you can join if that’s right for you and your family.  I’ve been to a couple and they look wonderful.  If their site is a little confusing, look at Foundations for elementary students, Essentials and Challenge for middle and high school students.  They also offer FREE Parent Practicums every summer.


Life{in}Grace – Great inspiration, and decorating and cooking ideas too.  I just love Edie’s workroom.  Seriously, I’m a terrible home decorator, but it’s so much easier to learn in a beautiful space.



Society for Classical Learning – These guys have great audio recordings of their past conferences.  I love to listen while cleaning house; it really helps me wrap my head around homeschooling philosophically.


Read-Aloud Handbook – Get this book (!) if you’re just considering homeschooling, not even considering homeschooling, whatever.  Every parent should own this book.  Go get it already!

Morning Time Moms – Veteran homeschooling mom of 8 sons and 1 daughter, Cindy Rollins, blogs here about her morning ritual with her kids going through Shakespeare, Scripture, grammar, poetry, and more.

There are SO many resources on homeschooling, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  Subscribe to the blog to be updated with posts that will help you sort through the clutter and find the gems.

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