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Hi there, I’m Rhiannon.  Thanks for dropping by.  I’m excited to get to know you better!  In the meantime, here’s a bit about me:

Should you walk into my house on any given day, ideally you’d find me teaching phonics, demonstrating math concepts with M&Ms, tutoring writing, or reading-aloud classic literature to my captivated littles.

What you’re more likely to see is me chasing the half-naked toddler who has marker on her face, changing one of thirty daily diapers, getting in a quick grammar or math lesson in the waiting room of my daughter’s physical therapy office, or snuggling up in my sweatpants and reading aloud while the babies terrorize our bookshelves–I seriously need better baby-proof bookshelves.

I use the neo-classical approach to homeschooling, which really ends up being the soak-it-in, read-a-ton, but try-to-delegate-messy-science-projects-to-their-dad approach.

I’m a real mom trying my best to love on my kids and treat them as people as we grow in wisdom together. I have no use for progressive education that treats kids like machines on a conveyor belt who need to be assembled only to get a good job one day.  The main goal in our homeschool is to teach with humanity, recognizing our kids as individuals instead of cogs in a national economic machine.

I believe this approach to education has the best chance of:

  • Giving kids the most academically rigorous education they can get, without losing all the fun of learning.
  • Giving kids tools they’ll need to succeed in life
  • Giving kids the ability to find contentment
  • Maintaining family togetherness during and after the K-12 years
  • Changing for the better those who will interact with our kids now and in the future.

Why I’m Writing Here

Education has changed drastically since the days when my biology teacher grandfather could leave a “lasting impression” on inattentive students with a chalk eraser.  But as a fourth generation educator, I feel right at home embracing homeschooling as a growing force in the American educational landscape.

I believe homeschoolers have the best chance of any students to make an impact for good on the communities around them.

Parents, policy-makers, and educators are all searching for ways to help today’s kids learn and grow. My goal as a blogger and freelance writer is to produce engaging and informative content that helps parents and parent-educators in that mission.

Where You Can Find Me Online

Aside from the HFC blog, my work has appeared at Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife, and COMMAND Magazine. If you’re interested in seeing my portfolio, or having me write for your education or parenting blog or magazine, drop me a note below.

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