A Classical Education is Practical

This is part of the series Classical Homeschooling Yesterday, I discussed one of the biggest challenges to a classical education: practicality. We’re going to take this on in two parts. First: Defining Terms. The traditional liberal arts are grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These three represent what’s called the Trivium, or…

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The Challenge

If you’re considering giving your children a classical educaction at home, you might as well be aware of the challenges you’ll face. This may be depressing, but read on homeschooling mama:

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Mom’s Everything Bag: Organizing & Saving Time

soft storage craft bag filled with homeschool supplies

Moms today have it incredibly easy since the invention of smart phones. We can pay bills, make homeschool plans, take pictures of our cute kids and share them with family and friends, all with a few flicks of a touch screen. I recently handled our entire Christmas from my phone…

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Homeschooling Idea Overload

Target "Back to School" 2014

This time of year is always dangerous.  I went to the store the other day for stencils and came back with $53.00 worth of school supplies–and still couldn’t find the stencils.  Aside from endangering the budget, back-to-school time is dangerous to the sanity of homeschooling moms because of something I…

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How Homeschooling is Like Birth

We recently had our fourth child.  After three other kids, you’d think we’d have this birth thing down-pat, but that’s a big fat “Nope.” In four kids we’ve had every birth experience possible.  Our first was an oh-crap-we-just-got-married-and-pregnant-and-don’t-know-anything-about-birth-type of experience.  We took the classes offered by the hospital,  hoped for…

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Mom, CEO. (Leadership Principles for Homeschooling Moms)

stuffed animal board meeting

There are some striking similarities between being a homeschooling mom and being the CEO of a major corporation. Okay, I’ve never actually been the CEO of a major corporation. Out of the yearly boatload of books published on leadership in the corporate world, I’ve only read a handful, but I’m finding…

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